The past experiences of our readers, colleagues and friends say that the insurance has mostly been decided by the recommendation of a friend who has either arranged insurance at that house or for that house.

In addition, it is often the case that for the services of some insurance companies people decide on a bank counter or a personal banker when performing normal financial transactions.
We have to trust some. First and foremost, it is important to trust yourself, especially when it comes to a “relationship” with an insurance company that should still be long-term. We entrust our security, our money, our financial stability, and in most cases our lives.

We can not find out the formula for choosing the best insurance, because we do not know about it. However, there are some things you need to know to make the right decision about this investment.

Ask on multiple pages

Even when buying less valuable things like shoes, you try out more models, right? Follow this rule when buying more valuable things. Learn about the conditions of multiple insurance houses and collect as many offers as possible. The best guide for selection is portal which offers objective and independent information on the entire financial offer in Croatia. Based on your needs, make a comparison of all insurance companies. By comparison, you will see if you get the best and most for your money.

Ask and get answers. Insurance is not selected every day and it is completely acceptable that you do not know what all the terms that you are encountering and all available options are available. It is important to know what risks your cover is exactly covered, how much on a pc is awaiting payment of damages if it arrives and what exactly is the procedure, what are the consequences of the early termination of the insurance contract, are there any additional costs for payment or payment … The representative of the insurance company is to answer these questions accurately and honestly. If he hesitates to provide this information or your information sounds too good to be true, it’s good to think once again whether he deserves your trust.

Examine the financial statements of the insurance company

OK, this is not an easy job for laymen in finance and accounting. However, it’s not a point to know how to read and interpret these reports. There are indicators that everyone can evaluate. Transparent and complete audited financial statements are published in accordance with the accounting standards. If the insurance company regularly publishes them, and with them there is a positive opinion of an independent certified auditor – one is less painful.

Who’s behind the insurance

The insurance company is insuring you, and who provides the insurance house? It is important to get information about the reinsurer and its financial stability. Namely, the insurance company secures itself and thus transfers to the reinsurer a part of the risk that it has previously taken into insurance. In this way, the risk is dispersed and homogenized, business is more stable, which is especially important in the case of disaster damage. The power of the reinsurer is the power of the insurance itself.
5. Quality and speed of service. An effective, high-quality and fast reaction is important to us in everyday life, and so on with the insurance company. Information, services, employees must be easily accessible, directly, by telephone, e-mail, Internet … Ask about experiences both among friends and acquaintances, but beware too. What matters to them does not have to be important to you either.

Choose from both – both

If you are doubting between the two insurers, try selecting both. In this way, you combine various benefits offered by various insurers. A good example is the choice of life insurance: if you want to spend 400 kunas a month and you can not decide whether it is important for you to be secured in the case of serious illness or if you have a triple secured amount in the event of an accident, you decide on both variants and pay 200 kuna and 200 kuna in another form of insurance.

The decision is not easy, is it? For this reason, be responsible, follow our guidelines, compare and think before the final selection.


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