Compulsory insurance is the most common form of insurance that is sold on the market, all those involved in the traffic are covered by it.

Apart from it, cars and other vehicles can be secured too, but in this text we will primarily deal with the cars and everything you need to know if you provide your or your company’s vehicle or craft.

Choosing the right car insurance can be complicated for the buyer. You need to keep an eye on a few important things. First and foremost is the coverage of compulsory insurance. Contrary to the opinion of many who had a good and lucky driving experience and did not deal with damage to their own and other vehicles, compulsory liability insurance covers damage to your car against third parties. So, if you hit a car with a car, another car, fence or in the worst case of injury to a person, this is charged from your shelf. Damage on your vehicle or person is not covered by a basic, colloquially called ‘naked’ shelf. For such things, there is a car casco or accessories on the shelf, which you can read more about in the tips.

Read the terms

Every insurance is a contract, and its core is the terms of insurance. It is best to look for insurance terms before you decide to close the shelf and study them thoroughly. Keep the conditions at home / in the car, or take photos and save them on Dropbox / Google Drive or similar services.

Collection of damages is basically a very simple matter

Your policy will cover all damages that are being written in the terms. If certain cases are not covered by the conditions as damages or are explicitly excluded for any reason or another – forget about that money, you do not have the basis for your home insurance payments. You pay great attention to the conditions of the casco – there are many reasons for the exclusion, such as the deadline for reporting damages, and the like.

Every insurance house is a story for itself

One offers something that the other does not offer, the prices vary, as well as the conditions for this collection of damages. When it comes to collecting damage from casco, the rule is that you are insured in the two largest houses by market share in a country. In the case of damage, they are easiest to pay money. When it comes to collecting damage from someone else’s compulsory insurance policy, there are houses in Croatia that are notorious for making it harder and not paying damages, but they are slow and going to court. If you need to charge the shelves of such a house, arm yourself with patience and a good lawyer.

All communication is done by mail, especially when collecting damages.

In the event of any uncertainty in the later stages of the proceedings, the gold transfer archive is valid, not only because you have a written mark on the other side, but also because you can recall what exactly you asked for.

When buying a new car for a loan or a leasing officer, you will often say that you must take compulsory and casual insurance through it and the financial institution in which it operates.

Ask him to show you the exact provision of a lease or loan agreement where this is stated. If it can not, it’s a trick to increase sales and personal fees, and freely choose an insurance house according to your preferences, you pay. In general, avoid buying insurance from specialized agencies of insurance companies or their agents and external associates, they are nonetheless specialists while banks are primarily engaged in other businesses. In addition, it is possible to conclude a multi-year casco insurance with a leasing company or a bank at a very favorable price of the first year, and in the next few years pay a higher price than the market one.

The automobile liability insurance policy is a one-year contract under applicable laws.

Whatever it says on your shelf, it lasts 365 days and no more days, until you sign up to make a new one, you can freely go to another house. All the rest are insurers’ tricks.

You can make a complete insurance policy for automobile liability insurance and a casco policy completely independent.

One can be concluded with insurer A, the other with the insurer B, and none of them has to know about the other, it is up to you to decide for what is most favorable, and often this is exactly the case when you pay the policy. In many cases it is financially most economical to take a compulsory insurance policy where the offer is the cheapest, and the casco policy is where the easiest charge is to pay. Policies do not have to be tied, you may take three months after the registration of a new car, it’s a matter of your preference.

Buy on the insurer’s shares, you can capture great discounts.

However, even in these cases, before reading, read the terms, it is possible that due to the lower price changed in relation to the standard offer.

The car insurance policy can be concluded up to 30 days before expiration, especially useful if you go on a trip.

It is important to pay and have a new shelf with you, you do not have to make technical and insurance contracts the same day, save yourself the stress. At the technical and registration you will be asked for a shelf, give them a new one and that’s it.

Get busy.

Taking the time – two to three weeks, the prices for compulsory insurance, and especially the casualties, may fall significantly. How? Call several houses and tell them that you’ve got so much in the competition. Even within an insurance company, you can make significant discounts, depending on how many of the employees inside have the permissions within the computer system to give you discounts. Sometimes it is necessary to wait for special discounts to be made if special approvals from higher instances are required within the company. On the other hand, some companies do not provide casual motorcycles or scooters, the risk of damage is simply too great.

If you experience a crash and the other party is aware of the blame and no problems, fill out the European accident report that you need to get with your car insurance policy (unrelated to the possible police, the police have nothing to do with it, it does your job ) and go together to the insurance company of the one who has hurt you. So you will get your money quickest. If a person does not want to give the data, take the number of his / her table, on the pages of the Croatian Insurance Bureau for each vehicle it is free and easy to check for any insurance and where, except in this case you have to wait for the police report. In any case, make a smart phone with an accident in the event of an accident as many photos as possible for a ‘bad’ situation

On compulsory insurance policies, it is possible to duplicate the bonus with family members and the same type of vehicle. So if your brother has a 50 percent bonus, and you’re 25 percent, ask your home to give you a duplicate bonus on the upcoming table upgrade. Differences exist from home to home but generally offer some form of this service. There is also something called bonus protection (both on car racks and lashes) and allows you to keep your bonus next year regardless of whether or not you have done any damage. It is one of the best offers for consumers and a rational purchase that allows for a completely quiet dream. After all, you have to pay the bills, after you have reduced the bonus, and you are, for example, you have just put a bumper on him and he has paid you 300 kunas from your police. The casual bonus is provisional – if the insurance company decides to pay it off the road, you can get 50 percent of the bonus, always looking for it, you have nothing to lose.

There are two ways in which you can deal with casualty damage – so your service and your insurance company will arrange and repair your car without having anything to do with the money that is needed or that you will deal with the insurance company and take the money. Consult with a repair shop, see which parts of your car should be installed and repaired, and if you are skilled you can buy all the new parts, repair the car in your own arrangements and there is still the possibility to keep some money in your pocket.

You can pay for a family member, and you can also be a contractor if you feel specially generous and want to give one close to a year’s insurance coverage. If you only pay and are not a contractor, you do not have to go to the insurance company personally, so you save time yourself and your family and your insurer.

There is something in the car insurance policy that is called additions, except for the aforementioned bonus protection, which are very useful and protect you in the case of hail, burglary, collision, etc. Estimate which of them could be optimal and give you extra and so you have extra protection for a car, something like a mini-chassis.


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